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FMI 2012 Health and Wellness

Date: 3/18/2012

Title: wellQ Pilot: Using Rewards and Reminders for Healthy Lifestyles, and Margins

Description: Get ready to learn, share and collaborate with pharmacy, nutrition, technology, and manufacturing professionals to identify opportunities across the store to connect with your patients and shoppers and grow your business. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your supermarket's role as a community health and wellness destination and contribute to your own professional development. * Explore best practices for developing health and wellness initiatives and improving existing programs. * Stay current on need-to-know pharmacy and healthcare legislative updates and ground-breaking research. * Share fresh ideas for merchandising health and wellness solutions. * Discover emerging trends and technologies.

Venue: Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios

Location: Orlando, Florida

Faculty: Peter Meyers

wellQ Pilot: Using Rewards and Reminders for Healthy Lifestyles, and Margins

Consumer health is a leading concern among North Americans for more reasons than one. The rising cost of medical care is stealing headlines, and the failure among consumers to adhere to healthy lifestyles, not to mention prescriptions, is causing cataclysmic illness. In turn, this leads to serious engagement issues for retailers and pharmacies. Driven to find a solution, wellQ in 2010 embarked on a multi-phased, multi-channel pilot program designed to increase interaction and trust among pharmacists, and it is realizing better-than-expected response rates for both enrollment and prescription adherence.

The program, first piloted at participating Kroger and Duane Reade stores in the U.S., is now in its second phase at select retailers in Canada, specifically targeting consumers with diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. This phase, which involves opt-in educational information, personalized web pages and prescription dose and refill reminders, is designed to reward and recognize patients for even the smallest healthy choices, like taking a wellness quiz, right in the store. The results: In the U.S., the pilot delivered a more than 13% increase in drug adherence. And in its first six weeks of the Canadian pilot, the sign-up rate was twice that of expectations, with now more than 6,000 people registered at just 15 sample stores.

The results have been encouraging enough that wellQ is now expanding the pilot to a second Canadian chain, Lawtons, for an eight-month period. Its growth target is to increase year-over-year participation by 25% to 50%.

- The most effective incentives and recognition for encouraging healthy behavior
- The key takeaways: Patients' likes and dislikes, with a few surprises.
- How to reach the patient: The methods that worked best
- Pharmacist confidential: Lessons from behind the counter.