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Canada Post - Think Inside the Box

Date: 4/4/2012

Title: The Three Rs of Loyalty in a Changing World - Meeting Change with Rewards, Recognition and Relevancy

Description: True market segmentation is unfortunately not the norm. Most companies do not drill down into their target markets and rarely define their ideal customer in detail. Instead of connecting with true prospects, organizations continue to throw darts and hope to reach more customers via broad online and offline advertising. How can you be different and better than the rest of the pack? Easy. Shift the focus from Reach and Frequency to Connections and Relationships. This is not to say relationship building is a new thing. The opposite is true. Relationships have been key to business deals for centuries. What has changed is that segmentation and a one-to-one focus are more possible than ever before.

Venue: Carlu Hotel

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Faculty: Bryan Pearson

The Three Rs of Loyalty in a Changing World - Meeting Change with Rewards, Recognition and Relevancy

As the leading channels of information are increasingly splintered and sidelined by emerging mediums, connecting with the consumer has become an equally fragmented task. Reaching consumers in a meaningful way today entails not just technological innovation, but expansion into new, non-traditional industries as well as into the public conscience. It requires the three R's of loyalty: Rewards, Recognition and most important for future success Relevancy.

Bryan Pearson, author of The Loyalty Leap and President of LoyaltyOne, will discuss how to create true customer intimacy by connecting in ways that prove your company understands who the consumers are and what they care about.