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  • 2015 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census Webinar
    COLLOQUY Research Director Jeff Berry and Editor-at-Large Dennis Armbruster share the latest loyalty marketing statistics and implications across traditional and emerging industries in one information-packed hour.
  • COLLOQUY Interviews ShopYourWay
    COLLOQUY interviews Chris Williams with ShopYourWay, operated by Sears Holdings, about the loyalty program, its partnership with MasterCard's Card Linked services and his presentation at the 2014 COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit.
  • COLLOQUY Interview With 2014 Award Winner, Stash Hotel Rewards
    COLLOQUY interviews Mary Miller of Stash Hotels about the company's 2014 Loyalty Innovation Award.
  • COLLOQUY Interviews Sephora
    COLLOQUY interviews Sarah Choi of Sephora about the acclaimed Beauty Insider program and her presentation at the 2014 COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit.