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Loyalty Report Card – 10 surefire ways to know if your loyalty program is working


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Loyalty programs are table stakes for retailers today. Customers have come to expect some type of reward for their purchases and marketers invest at least 1% of sales in these programs worldwide. So why is it so difficult to figure out if they’re working?

Join Caroline Papadatos, SVP, LoyaltyOne Global Solutions and Melissa Fruend, Partner, LoyaltyOne Global Solutions on June 22nd at 2pm as they share 10 KPIs that demonstrate your program is on the right track.

Some of the KPIs you will be gaining insight into are:

  • Why Sales penetration is more critical than enrollment
  • How Activation Rates can be highly predictive of Customer Lifetime Value
  • What it takes to achieve Earn Velocity and proven ways to increase customer engagement
  • How Time to Reward is the top driver of active loyalty program

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