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Editors Letter: Taking Loyalty a Little Bit Deeper

$html.esc($author.firstName) Berry By Jeff Berry on December 13, 2016

In the worlds of loyalty marketing and customer experience, there is great value in appealing to a broad range of people and preferences. But there is also considerable value in paying close attention to specific, specialized audiences as well.

In this issue of COLLOQUY magazine, we explore a variety of timely and relevant topics. One thread running through many of the articles is the concept of paying attention to a specialized audience. In our cover story, “Appetite for Wellness,” on page 20, we explore the ways grocers are folding nutrition and wellness into their loyalty programs and overall customer experience efforts to better appeal to shoppers who value those things. From on-staff dietitians to extra rewards for healthy behaviors, grocers are trying out tactics to appeal to this specific consumer segment, and our story looks at four trends to expect more of in 2017.

Elsewhere in this issue, we take a look at customer perceptions about how companies use their personal data in the infographic “It’s My Data and I’ll Share if I Want To,” on page 10. A recent consumer-sentiment study by LoyaltyOne found that people feel more positive about how their information is used than they have over the past couple of years. That’s no cause for celebration, though: Among other revelations, a whopping 75% of those surveyed still say companies use their personal data for the corporation’s benefit.

We also explore targeted needs in two articles by guest writers. Epsilon’s Jeff Kindle and Kelly Hlavinka take a look at the case for multi-tender loyalty strategies in “Creating Loyalty That Pays,” on page 24. And Theresa McEndree of Blackhawk Engagement Solutions takes a look at an often underused aspect of loyalty programs in “Let Gift Cards Do Some Heavy Lifting,” on page 32. Gift cards aren’t often a mainstay of loyalty programs, McEndree says, but they can add profits, yield greater customer data and prompt return visits – for relatively little cost.

We hope you enjoy this issue of COLLOQUY and find in its pages inspiration to make your loyalty and customer engagement better and more effective – both in your broadscale efforts and your targeted, laser-focused campaigns.

Meet The Author

Jeff Berry

Jeff Berry is Editor-in-Chief of COLLOQUY and Senior Director of Research and Development at LoyaltyOne. Jeff manages research initiatives in North America and internationally. With more than 15 years of experience in loyalty marketing, analytics and customer engagement, Jeff manages and directs the development of LoyaltyOne’s thought leadership content including research and best practices for global loyalty marketers. Jeff’s background in client management, business development and consulting in both the B2B and B2C spaces make him an expert who has experience in the theory and practice of loyalty marketing.

Jeff originally joined LoyaltyOne, COLLOQUY's parent company, in 1999 and held a number of positions managing relationships for the AIR MILES Reward Program with clients such as American Express, Bank of Montreal and Rexall. In 2006, Jeff left LoyaltyOne for a position as the head of Loyalty and Database Marketing at Fairmont Hotels, where he helped institute the structure and discipline of a customer management strategy and leveraged data and analytics to drive customer engagement and profitability. He also spent three years successfully developing a small research and consulting operation focused on helping Fortune 500 companies market and sell to small businesses. The business was sold in 2008 to the Corporate Executive Board, and Jeff became the GM and SVP of the Canadian operation.

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