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COLLOQUY Privacy Policy

Who are we?

COLLOQUY is a global research, educational and publishing resource dedicated to the dissemination of information and analysis about the loyalty marketing industry. Launched in 1990, COLLOQUY is the first publication of its kind, and is often cited and quoted in research and publications on the topic of loyalty marketing. Available in both printed and web versions, COLLOQUY and are operated by LoyaltyOne US, Inc. an Alliance Data Systems Company (“LoyaltyOne”).

COLLOQUY subscriptions are available upon request and are provided at no charge to qualified marketing professionals.

Gathering Information

How do we gather information about you? Simply put: we ask for it. Through enrollment forms, surveys, and other methods of VOLUNTARY participation, we collect names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and other relevant information about you and your business, and how you use this site. We abide by strict opt-in principles—you decide whether or not to volunteer the information and submit it to us.

We do not attempt, in any way, to gather information about you or your company without your permission and participation.

We do use "cookies." More specifically, we use one cookie,  and you must opt in to allow us to place it on your computer. The cookie we use records your user name and password and recalls it automatically every time you go to, so you don't have to keep repeating your Log In information every time you want to access the information at COLLOQUY.What Do We Do With This Information?

The information you give us is for internal use only. COLLOQUY staff use it to:

  • Maintain our subscriber records and mailing lists.
  • Improve the content and usability of the Web site.
  • Contact you when a new issue of COLLOQUY or another publication is on the way, or to let you know that new information of potential relevance to you is available at or from one of our COLLOQUY Network Partners.
  • Contact you, upon your request.
  • Contact you via telephone, direct mail and/or e-mail if you have opted in to receive contacts via that channel. Upon any such contact, you have the right to remove your name from internal contact lists, thereby preventing any further contact.
  • Our subscriber list is NEVER sold or rented to 3rd parties. Occasionally, we make the list available for educational, workshop and/or seminar mailings when COLLOQUY or its parent company, Alliance Data, Inc, is sponsoring and/or participating in the event. In such cases, however, the use and security of the list is maintained internally by COLLOQUY staff members.
How Do We Protect You?

Your information is maintained on a secure server or is confined to a secure sales and marketing database. No unauthorized personnel—at COLLOQUY or otherwise—has access to this information. Security measures of the highest standards are in-place to mitigate the possibility of any outside party gaining unauthorized access to your information.

Credit card transactions and order fulfillment are handled by established third party banking, processing agents and distribution institutions. They receive the information needed to verify and authorize your credit card or other payment information and to process and ship your order. All transmission and encryption of your purchasing data is handled through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. If you wish to view our Verisign SSL certificate, please contact us at

When confirming your transaction, no part of your credit card data will be revealed in any correspondence. Your credit card transaction data will only be revealed to our third-party banking and processing agents as a means of completing your order.

How to Update My Profile?

You may make changes to your profile here: From your profile page, you may also set your preferences, including whether or not you would like to receive our weekly email newsletter (Speaking of Loyalty).

If you have any questions regarding how your information is collected or protected, or if you feel we have violated any of our above stated policies in any way, please contact us by phone, fax, email or snail mail.

This policy was last revised on September 30, 2014.