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June 2018 The Shopper Connection — Mining the Depths with New Tools and Tactics

This month’s COLLOQUY newsletter focuses on the complicated connection between shoppers and brands, as well as the role of personalization. It’s intended to take you out of your comfort zone and make you nervous: about growing consumer expectations, about emerging technologies and about the constantly evolving strategies to deepen retailers’ relationships with their shoppers.

It should also get you excited about the seemingly limitless possibilities for transforming the consumer "dating game" into a more stable, intimate relationship. Call it loyalty “foreverland.” 

Delivering the ultimate, highly-relevant customer experience requires digging deep. It also means being familiar with the tools and tactics at your disposal. These articles can help you along the way:

  • Why AI Is Crucial to A Better Business Software, by Brian Ross, President, Precima
    • Learn how AI can and will help to build more powerful, intuitive business software that improves profitability.
    • As Brian puts it, “AI applications need to go beyond just delivering insights requested by users, and instead interact with them in an intuitive, seamless way and offer valuable insights without prompting.”
  • Putting Personalization into Context, by Michael Cohen, General Manager, Zero Gravity Labs
    • Get an inside look at the three-step process for evolving customer communications, from personalization based on demographic profiling, to contextually relevant engagements that incite action and foster genuine loyalty.
    • Michael, on the importance of relevant shopper communications, says, “Yes, shoppers expect a more personalized experience from their favorite brands, but generic personalization, like emails addressed by name, or product recommendations based on previous purchases, isn’t enough if it doesn’t ladder up to true relevancy. For that, you need to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time via the right channel.”
  • What the Internet of Things Means for Loyalty Marketers, by Heather Gouinlock, Client Lead, Global Solutions, LoyaltyOne
    • The Internet of Things (IoT) offers brands unprecedented access to consumers’ lives. Find out what this new place in customers' living rooms and the real-life data that comes with it means for loyalty marketers hoping to improve their CX.
    • Heather feels the IoT’s impact on the customer/brand connection will “give insight into how, where, when and possibly even why customers are interacting with brands. Those details can be used to personalize the customer experience on a one-to-household level.”